At HKBU, WPE encompasses a systematic approach that permeates all our academic endeavours: quality education, quality research and service to the community. With the University’s emphasis on educating whole persons operationalised into its Graduate Attributes (GAs), many opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular, are provided to enrich students’ educational experience for GAs attainment.

In recent years, the University has been piloting various data/evidence collection/assessment exercises to ascertain that both academic and co-curricular programmes are assisting students in achieving the HKBU GAs with a view to enhancing quality learning and to making continuous improvements. This is also central to the entire implementation of the outcomes-based approach in student learning. Currently, HKBU is consolidating such mechanisms into a holistic assessment of students’ achievement of GAs – WPE assessment. The ensuing figure captures both the conceptual underpinnings, as well as the actual work/tasks involved in WPE assessment.

Basically, our WPE assessment adopts the standard triangulation of data/evidence concept well practised in social sciences research; with three main sources of data/evidence of student learning collected, viz. (1) direct data/evidence from students’ academic works, (2) direct data/evidence from students’ results in stanadardised tests, (1) & (2) are components of the Evidence Collection Initiative (ECI); and (3) indirect data/evidence from a questionnaire completed by students, i.e. the Whole Person Education Development Inventory (WPDI). Together, these approaches will provide evidence on how our students are achieving the HKBU GAs, and by extension, the WPE.

While the assessment of whether and how students are achieving institutional outcomes is becoming a standard practice in education institutions worldwide for quality assurance as well as public accountability, HKBU’s model of WPE assessment is pioneering as shown by experience sharing in international conferences.


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