At HKBU, Whole Person Education (WPE) encompasses a systematic approach that permeates all our academic endeavours: quality education, quality research and service to the community. With the University’s emphasis on educating whole persons operationalised into its Graduate Attributes (GAs), many opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular, are provided to facilitate the best student experience for GAs attainment as stipulated in the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP).

The Evidence Collection Initiative (ECI) is conducted to ascertain that academic programmes are assisting students in achieving the GAs. This is a quality assurance measure based on the outcomes-based approach in student learning, with an aim to enhance teaching and learning quality and make continuous improvements. The ECI collect data consisting of: (1) direct evidence from students’ academic works – Outcomes Assessment, and (2) direct evidence from students’ results in University Academic Profile (UAP). The UAP is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the University has to report to the UGC annually.

The Student Learning Experience Surveys (Tracking Surveys) are being adopted as an important exercise to assist students and the University on understanding the experiences of their study, university life and how good they are with regard to the GAs. The Surveys are administered at different points along the timeline of each cohort of undergraduate students as they progress at HKBU. After completing each Tracking Survey, students will receive their own individual report on their progress as compared with the previous one, as well as a reference to the progress of their fellow students.

Aggregated results of the ECI and Tracking Surveys are reported to different Committees including the Senate for quality assurance purposes. As the data/evidence accumulate, they will enable triangulation of the results to provide evidence on how our students are achieving the GAs, and by extension, WPE.


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